Bedbug is a stubborn insect that benefits from its flat body and can get into the tiniest of spaces in your home. You won’t even spot them with bare eyes unless you start seeing bed bug bites on your body. In addition, because they have small bodies and are like insects such as mosquitoes or other bugs they can be present in between narrow spaces and are very tough to eliminate once they have grown enormously. But if you spot them at an early stage and take some precautions with the help of Cedar Park pest control, you can prevent bedbugs from attacking your private space. Thus, let us know how to get rid of bedbugs:

Wash your curtains, bedsheet, and pillow covers frequently 

One of the best ways to get rid of bedbugs in the initial stage is to wash your bedsheets, pillow covers, soft toys, curtains and other fabric items that are present in your home with hot water frequently. Directly dry them in sun or use a high-degree dryer to kill them at high-temperature and get rid of them before they multiply.

Use a harsh brush to clean your mattress 

Washing a big mattress regularly isn’t possible, and dry cleaning is expensive. So a better way to get rid of them is to use a hard bristle brush to remove any bedbugs or their eggs before you use a vacuum cleaner. This will prevent them from growing in numbers faster and keep your mattress safe from bed bugs.

Vacuum your room every day

One of the other ways you can keep your room safe from bed bugs is by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming your carpets, mattress, floor and other narrow regions every day will not let any bugs stay for longer and prevent the chances of them spreading and causing more trouble to you in a few days.

Repair broken walls or furniture to avoid bed bugs hiding place

Bedbugs take shelter in small narrow regions, and if you have broken walls or any furniture that can become home to bedbugs, you should get rid of them immediately. For instance, plaster the cracked wall and get your furniture fixed.

Bedbug infestation can create a lot of trouble as they are not easy to get rid of. In less time they will multiply in number and start giving you skin problems and rashes, redness as well as painful bumps. Sometimes these infestations can increase so much that even sleeping on your freshly made bed will be an itchy experience, and thus keep your home clean and hygienic at all times. Also, there are multiple chemical insecticides present in the market that are specially made for bed bugs, and you can use them at regular intervals to eliminate even a single bed bug from entering your home.

Clare Louise