In business, advertising, and marketing, questionnaires help get an opinion about a product and the audience’s needs. Careful preparation of questions and personnel are needed to create a survey. Let’s talk about the benefits of using questionnaires and their implementation stages.

Advantages of the online questionnaire

Whether you want to properly prepare market research for a new product launch or to analyze the satisfaction of your customers and employees, it is essential to ask people (respondents) the right questions so that they understand them correctly and the result can be quickly and accurately interpreted. An online questionnaire is one form of data collection in a quantitative study. Questioning the respondent is convenient because it does not take much time, and it is easy for the interviewer to process the data further using modern digital devices.

Tips for successful questionnaire

There are several fundamental recommendations on how to create a questionnaire:

  • Formulate questions clearly and grammatically correctly

Questions should be clear and understandable regardless of the audience you are working with. The primary motivation is, first of all, the task of simplifying the survey for respondents and getting unambiguous answers. The basis should be the compilation of questions in simple sentences. Complex sentences are not recommended.

  • Limit the number of sensitive questions

During the survey, asking specific questions that respondents do not always want to answer is often necessary. A typical example of such a question is the question of family income. Paradoxically, the answer to this question can be an essential parameter based on which the subsequent answers of the respondent will be evaluated.

  • Don’t use negative questions

Negative in any sentence negatively affects the reader. Negative questions act on the respondent similarly when completing the questionnaire. A question with negation can affect the respondent’s answer and, at the same time, significantly reduce its reliability.

Laura Scarbrough