Spa dealers will offer you all kinds of accessories to go with your purchase. While some are essential, such as the insulating protective cover, and often included in the purchase price, others are more or less useful options. The choice is yours, depending on the personalization you want to give to your spa!

The Essential Accessories

Accessories But Essential Elements For Your Spa:

Spa Cover:

It provides insulation for heat loss when the spa is not in use and safety so young children do not fall into it. This cover must be both resistant and insulating: choose the thick one, made of polystyrene foam and covered with vinyl for airtightness, with a flap wide enough to fit snugly around the edges.

It is almost always offered with the spa at the purchase price. But if your salesperson offers you a thin, poorly insulating cover, ask them if there isn’t another cover for an extra charge or change the spa model. You don’t need to compromise on quality, so will your energy savings over the years you use your spa.

A system with a padlock will be a plus for security.

The Spa Jet Nozzles:

Essential elements for your spa to have its natural function, differentiating it from the swimming pool and massage function. This does not mean that you will find a spa without nozzles! But depending on the models, this can go from simple to double. Some spas are generous in nozzles, others less. Make your choice according to your use.

Not to mention the options of jets adjustable by remote control or desynchronized jets, check that the base offer is sufficient to offer a massage of all body parts. If you want a particular type of massage, you can have individual nozzles installed on specific parts of the body. Search for filters for master spas

Optional Spa Accessories

There is a plethora of accessories offered with the spa for comfort, aesthetics, and the satisfaction of the eyes.

For Aesthetics:

  • Steps or stairs: to access above-ground spas, with storage drawer for cleaning products or not.
  • A bar, glass doors, or headrests: again, for above-ground spas, it’s all about making the most of your spa.

For Comfort:

  • Headrest and armrests: even if it means feeling good in your spa, you might as well put the odds in your favor.
  • Access ramp: for those who have difficulty climbing the stairs.
  • CD or radio player: integrated into the control panel, it is a relaxing effect when you are in the water.
  • A lever mechanism for the cover: While the insulating cover can be cumbersome to handle on some large spas, the lever mechanism is an accessory that facilitates opening.
  • A parasol or a shelter: for above-ground outdoor spas, these are valuable accessories for protecting yourself from the sun or the first cold.

Laura Scarbrough