The Sri Lankan national cricket team is nicknamed “The Lions” because of their intimidating roaring during matches. This earned them the nickname. After the first “Test cricket” match was played in 1981, Sri Lanka became the eighth nation in the world to participate in the sport. You can check the best wicket-keepers’ performances by watching today international cricket news.

  1. Kusal Perera

The original name of the KusalPerera family was “Mathurage Don KusalJanithPerera,” and KusalPerera was given this name at birth. His birthday is August 17th, and the year 1990 was the year of his birth. He once served as the captain of Sri Lanka’s limited-overs team in international cricket. He bats in the middle order and maintains wickets across all formats of the game. Not only is he essential to the side that won the T20 championship in 2014, but he also had a huge impact on the outcome of the match. He is a frequent starter and has been run out a combined total of 21 times over the 6 tests that have been played.

    1. Guy De Alwis

The first person to use the surname Alwis was a man by the name of Ronald Guy De Alwis. On February 15, 1959, he joined the globe as a new member of the human race in Sri Lanka. This event marked his introduction to the world. Alwis now owns the honour of having the best batting average of all time because of the record-setting performance he had in the 83 World Cup. This performance earned him the tournament’s MVP award. He lost his fight against cancer on January 12, 2013, and passed away shortly thereafter. He has played 11 tests and has taken 23 dismissals in those matches.

  1. Pubudu Dassanayake

In the past, Dassanayake was a wicketkeeper for Sri Lanka as well as a batsman for the team. His birthplace is identified as Kandy, which is located in Sri Lanka. When he made his debut in first-class cricket, it was in the year 1990, and he was 19 years old at the time. It was a match against South Africa in 1993 that marked his debut for his country in international competition. He only played for Sri Lanka for one season, but during that time he was the starting wicketkeeper for the squad. His last match in an international competition took place in 1994 against New Zealand. He has played in 11 Test matches, and throughout those encounters, he has been dismissed 24 times.

  1. Amal Silva

Amal Silva used to play for the Sri Lankan national cricket team as a wicketkeeper and left-handed batter. On 12 December 1960, he was born in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. The management requested him to take care of both the batting and the wicket-keeping, even though he is usually a middle-order batter. Amal is good at defending the ball and using aggressive strokes when necessary. He did a great job guarding the wicket against fast bowlers and spinners.

  1. Hashan Tillakaratne 

“Deshabandu Hashan Prasantha Tillakaratne” is his full name, and he was born on July 19, 1967. He has also led Sri Lanka in Test matches in the past. When Sri Lanka won the World Cup in 1996, he was a member of the squad. In his 11 Test matches, he has collected a total of 35 dismissals. As well as forging his own path in many facets of Sri Lankan cricket, he is currently active in politics.

  1. Dinesh Chandimal

Lokuge Dinesh Chandimal was born on November 18, 1989. He has captained the Sri Lanka national team in all forms and bats and keeps wickets for the right side. His finest numbers come from batting in the middle of the order. His leadership as captain of Sri Lanka’s national team saw them play a Test match in the middle of the day. He has been dismissed 72 times in 24 Test matches.

  1. Romesh Kaluwitharana

Romantic author “Deshabandu Romesh Shantha Kaluwitharana” was born on November 24, 1969. Another name for him is Kalu. In Sri Lanka’s history, he ranks among the country’s top openers. In 49 Test matches, he has been dismissed 119 times. As of right now, he is the head coach of the Malaysian national cricket team. He’s such a shrewd player that he takes his time with the brand new ball before going on the offensive with the old one.

  1.  Niroshan Dickwella

Niroshan’s full name is Dickwella Patabendige Dilantha Niroshan Dickwella or just Niroshan Dickwella for short. The 23rd of June, 1993 was the day of his birth. He can bat left-handed and maintain wickets for any cricket team. He has been a mainstay in Sri Lanka’s lineup across all forms. He has been responsible for 135 dismissals in the last 25 Test matches (currently playing). He can perform scoop shots and is well-known for his batting prowess.

  1. Kumar Sangakkara

Sangakkara was born on October 27, 1977, and his full name is Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara. He keeps wickets and bats on the left side. Sangakkara was regarded as one of the game’s finest wicketkeepers. When it comes to batting, he is top of the order and holds several records. He is Sri Lanka’s greatest wicketkeeper and batsman of all time. In his 48 Test matches, he has 48 dismissals.

  1. Prasanna Jayawardene

Jayawardene was born on September 10th, 1979, and his full name is Hewasandatchige Asiri Prasanna Wishvanath Jayawardene. On the field, he bats and keeps wickets with his right hand. He had been cut from the team. In 58 Test matches, he made 156 dismissals, a record. It’s not retirement time just yet for him. Kumar Sangakkara had to bat in 3 down because of his status. After being hurt playing for Australia, he put on Sri Lanka’s gloves and played in the Test match.


In 1996, the squad led by “Arjuna Ranatunga” won the Cricket World Cup. From then on, “Sri Lanka” cricket progressed to the point that they reached the finals of the 2007 and 2011 cricket World Cups in a row. They are forced to participate as runners in both competitions.

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