Carbon, a hard material comparable to coal, is the gleaming jewel that can make you look opulent. It began deep inside the earth’s crust before being pushed to the surface by natural forces. Alexander Sparks offers attractive bags for safe storing of valuables. Your jewellery will keep its lustre for a long time in them since it will be shielded from mechanical stress and dust.

This gem is highly coveted in the jewellery industry, and not unreasonably so. The capacity to play with light, which creates flashes and shimmers in various colours, is the reason behind this.

However, the Alexander Sparks shop displays display a wide selection of things with a wide range of pricing. This post will go over how to pick the appropriate diamonds so you don’t make any costly mistakes. Buy wisely and completely appreciate the sight of jewellery as well as the knowledge that it is of high quality.

Where can you get high-quality stones without taking any risks?

The answer is unequivocal: in reputable jewellery retailers with extensive expertise in the industry. A large retailer’s management will not intentionally deceive customers if the company’s long-term goals are to grow. Furthermore, if you have any concerns about the product’s quality after purchase, you can always contact the vendor. Which is impossible if you bought the jewellery for a good price while travelling abroad, such as in India or Turkey. Which diamonds should never be purchased – those that are not accompanied by documentation and are offered by private individuals? The euphoria may be fleeting, as this strategy is ideal for con artists selling bogus stones.

That is the one who issues the certificates?

Processed minerals sold separately from the ornamentation and any frame are subject to mandatory certification. Earrings, rings, and other goods containing a gem inset are exempt from this rule. However, if the seller assures you that such an expert opinion exists and is willing to demonstrate it, this is a good sign. In this case, there is a justifiable increase in product trust.

If you don’t know how to choose a diamond based on colour and clarity, or if you can’t tell its quality by looking at it, a diamond certificate will come in handy. It includes details about the origin, colour group, condition, size, and other distinguishing features.

When buying diamonds, read the tag to figure out how to choose the best one.

This paperwork is required to accompany the goods and guarantees the stones’ authenticity. As a result, the first step is to read the label attentively. It includes all of the crucial details required by the Industry Standard:

  • Information on the manufacturer in its entirety;
  • The diamond and its sample are framed with material.
  • The item and its name; the price; the dimensions; and the date of manufacture.

What should you look for when buying jewellery?

A diamond is not only beautiful and prestigious, but it is also a sound investment. As a result, when getting to know a diamond, it’s critical to scrutinise it attentively. Let’s take a look at the most important selection criteria.

Dimensions and weight

This is, in many respects, a determining factor in the final price. Especially if the stones are little. The mass is measured in carats (1 ct = 200 mg), a designation derived from the seeds of a Caribbean plant that served as a reference for weighing precious materials. Large diamonds (from 0.7 carats), medium diamonds (from 0.3 carats), and little diamonds (from 0.3 carats) are the three types of diamonds (less than 0.29).

This may come as a surprise to some, but a gem’s bulk does not always indicate its size. Another point to consider is that when a jeweller processes a mineral, they aim to make it such that it fits into the category of larger, more expensive minerals at the end of the process. The diamond’s price has increased since crossing the size requirement. It is meticulously treated if it is a little “undersized” to the next group (oversized). In practise, these pieces constitute the epitome of the jewellery ideal, and they may even be more expensive than their somewhat bigger equivalents.

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The most valuable stones are those that are clear and nearly colourless. Black versions were once deemed low-grade, but they have now become popular. Indeed, such samples cannot boast of purity; on the contrary, they are absolutely opaque and include numerous impurities, resulting in a reduced price. However, they are uncommon in nature, and jewellery made with them appears unique, even mysterious. Many jewellery designers use black diamond inlays to create unique creations.


Diamonds’ capacity to transmit light is responsible for their brilliant gleam. The lower this indicator, the less apparent the multi-coloured flash effect, which fascinates jewellery art lovers. As a result, the most expensive samples are those with no inclusions. There are only a few of these minerals in nature, which explains the exorbitant price. However, if you only require diamond earrings for the sake of beauty and not as an investment, it is prudent to give up a little perfectionism in order to save a substantial amount of money. The difference between the excellent clarity of a diamond from the first group and its analogue from the third group cannot be seen with the naked eye.


This indicator is very crucial because, in the end, the brilliance of the Alexander Sparks jewel’s radiance is determined by its processing. The lustre and attractiveness are strongly affected by the proportionality of the margins and the perfect execution of the corners. Quality is usually measured on a scale of A to D, with A denoting excellent, B denoting good, C denoting ordinary, and D denoting poor.

The cut can have a variety of shapes. The round with 57 faces is the most popular, as it shimmers brighter in the light than the others (Cr 57). Most engagement and wedding bands are set with a “Princess” (square diamond). An oblong “Marquis” is frequently utilised for outstanding rings capable of visually stretching the fingers. Heart-shaped inserts are popular among romantics.

You now know how to choose the appropriate diamonds and can buy gorgeous jewellery at reasonable prices. Also, don’t overlook Alexander Sparks’ trendy accessory, which will serve as a dependable and attractive case for storing jewels.