There are numerous compelling reasons to have a text archiver, no matter how big or small your business is. It is vital for your company’s reputation and security. It is crucial to preserve text messages. You can use the information to track evidence and support cases in court.

Organizations are also looking for ways to archive data without increasing IT resources. These implications are more apparent as texting, chat apps, and smartphones have become an integral part of business operations across all industries.

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To comply with compliance requirements, many organizations must archive and capture mobile text messages. Many organizations must adhere to FINRA and SEC regulations, GDPR and MiFID 2 laws – Freedom of Information Act, and other Public Records Laws for government entities. These regulations apply to all forms of digital communication, including email, social media channels and corporate chat platforms.

Financial firms and broker-dealers need to adhere to WhatsAppFINRA regulations in order not only to avoid fines and penalties but also to avoid any non-compliance penalties. It is not easy to follow this regulation for recording mobile messages via WhatsApp, especially if you don’t have a compatible WhatsApp recording solution.

Training and Human Resource Intervention

Communication can take place via email, phone, social media or text messages. Companies must also know the details of every conversation employees have with customers. All information should be available to the company. All messages, new or old, should be recorded and verified at a central location. If the records are detailed, the organization will be ready to face any disciplinary actions. Even if there aren’t any obvious issues or red flags, these documents can help employees communicate better. Managers can review archived content to see if messages are unclear or poorly written. It can help employees communicate better.


Text messages via mobile phones may be more effective than email in communicating marketing information with customers. However, that does not mean letters have to be wrong. There are always opportunities to improve. A mobile text archiving system that supports SMS/mobile messages can provide when and where the messages were delivered, read, answered, and delivered. Marketing teams can analyze captured messages to identify the most effective deals, times, or times for their campaigns.

Mobile archivers can be an invaluable tool for businesses to keep historical records and maintain accurate information.

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