Can you imagine living without the Internet? I, for one, cannot. Give me 10 minutes where I am without the Internet, and I will have my heart and mind sinking into an unfathomable abyss of boredom without work. Therefore, when it comes to the Internet, you should go for the best company. No compromises should be in place when it comes to the Internet because you never know when you will have to be working from home.

Wow has earned a reputation of living up to its name in the section of customer service and all nine states of the US that are under its coverage. However, internet outage is, to an extent, unpredictable and not in the hands of the internet company. Wow always tries to provide the best customer support. They get the team to work on the problem right away so that the issue can be fixed quickly and the customer does not have to belong without the Internet. They also constantly communicate with the customers informing them about the progress of the work. Wow customer service received the Independent customer service award in 2019 for their amazing work in the field of customer support.

What is wow

Wow is currently the sixth-largest cable provider in residential and small commercial regions all over the nation of the US. Wow is responsible for offering internet services to 9 states of the US. The coverage of Wow has been observed to be higher in the case of Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan. At the moment, wow has over 8 million subscribers. Luckily for the subscribers of wow tech internet, wow does not disappoint and lives up to its name. They deliver internet service to all nine states via the use of the advanced hybrid fiber-coaxial connection. This allows wow to deliver super high-speed Internet to their customers at very affordable price brackets.

Wow has not restricted itself to only offering broadband services to their customers. They also offer TV and phone services. Therefore, Wow be referred to as one complete company which takes care of all the essential telecommunication services that you may need in your household. Wow currently has three different TV plans available. You can choose to opt for any of the TV plans and bundle it up with one of the Internet and phone plans.

Wow delivers Internet to its users via the use of coaxial cables and fiber-optic lines. This hybrid infrastructure allows the customers to receive the best of both worlds. Not only do you get superfast internet speeds, but you also get high amounts of data download due to the fiber-optic line. If there is an issue with the fiber-optic line in your locality or if your location does not have fiber-optic lines, then the data quickly switches to cable lines without hampering your internet connection or user experience.

Wow internet service

With an elevation in the number of people who are working from home, having a data cap on the Internet can be a very limiting feature. If you opt for a wow Internet connection, you will not have to worry about the data cap factor. This is the reason why Wow has gained such popularity amongst those who are either working from home or are involved in the process of distance learning.

If you decide to go for Wow internet service, you will be able to avail yourself of not only the unlimited download features, but you can also choose from a variety of download speeds. Wow has different packages when it comes to internet services like hundred MBPS, 200 MBPS, 500 MBPS, and finally one GB. This feature allows you to avail any of the download speed packages which suit your requirements. With such high internet download speeds, you can download large Excel and PowerPoint files quickly and with ease. If you are worried about the connectivity of your next zoom meeting, you can allow your mind to rest. With wow, there will not be any distortions, and your meeting will go smoothly.

Keeping the Covid guidelines in mind, wow is currently offering its customers a no-contact professional installation. This can be availed with their internet service. Wow also boasts of having many convenient options for their customers to be able to pay the bills right from the comfort of their homes. These features have proven to be very beneficial when you are stuck in a work-from-home situation or in a pandemic.

A recent customer complaint has been that the Internet has blacked out a few times. This is probably the only customer complaint that has been seen with wow. Unfortunately, internet outages can happen for a number of reasons. Wow tries to do its best to offer the best customer service to its users.

Laura Scarbrough