Shot glasses bulk with your company’s logo are lovely promotional items for cocktail parties and other alcoholic occasions. These promotional goods will help attendees remember your organization and serve as passive marketing. People are more likely to retain and utilize shot glasses they’ve been given as promotional items by global sourcing.

o   If you aren’t a seasoned shot-taster, you could be confused by the wide variety of shot glasses available.

o   Luckily, we’ve included a quick guide to the several types of shot glasses and the materials and sizes available to help clear things up.

o   It’s a common misconception that shot glasses are constructed of glass only because they have that name.

o   Acrylic, plastic, ceramic, drink, and even stainless steel are some of the diverse materials available.

Simple Wine Glasses for Shooting

This shot glasses bulk design is instantly recognizable even to those who don’t often consume alcoholic beverages. This is only a standard, tapered shot glass, which may range from 1.25 to 1.5 ounces (because the standard size of a shot is 1.5 ounces). Any material may be used to create them. This shot glass with your logo is a safe choice if you want something simple. You can’t go wrong with them.

Champagne flutes

Tall shot glasses offered by global sourcing are often used in nightclubs because patrons may mistakenly believe they contain more alcohol than they do. In addition to giving the impression of considerably more liquor, shots served in a tall glass might command a premium because of their refined look. These are sometimes referred to as shooters but should not be confused with traditional test-tube shooters. Most standard-sized shot glasses can handle about 2 ounces of liquid. If you’re worried about spilling, avoid the large cups. Choose this shot glass if you’re going for a classic aesthetic that yet makes a statement.

Fun Shot Glasses

It’s essential to break away from the norm every once in a while and do something people will discuss. It’s possible to achieve it using a novelty shot glass. These come in various shapes, including miniature versions of popular beverages and other items. Most of them have a capacity of 1–1.5 ounces at most. But suppose you can discover a form that goes well with your company or a product line you offer. In that case, you’ll be providing the receivers with a terrific marketing opportunity to get them talking and increase the chances that they’ll remember your name.


These LED shot glasses are for you if you want to get filthy and create a party. Younger generations that are still under the law’s purview prefer these. Some luminous shot glasses are single-use only and emit light for around four to six hours after being charged. Some, like LED light-up shot glasses, are rechargeable and may be used several times before needing a new battery. Your choice will depend on how much money you have to work with. The logo printed on the side will stand out against the glow of the lights and be seen by everyone at the party

Laura Scarbrough