Buying a vehicle is an essential investment. This stands exceptionally true even in the case of two-wheelers. Besides being a convenient means of transport, they let you get to places faster. They allow us to swerve through traffic quickly and are relatively easy to operate. Hence, safeguarding them from physical damages is a given.But to ensure this, you need to have sufficient fundsto manage their repair costs.

Therefore, people opt for TwoWheeler Insurance. Every bike owner in India must hold one. Its primarypurpose is to protectyou and your vehicle against accidents on the road. The following are some common FAQs to broaden your understanding:

What does Two-Wheeler Insurance cover?

Bike Insurance covers the following risks:

  1. Loss or damage due to human-made calamities

Unanticipated human-made disasters like thefts, riots, malicious acts, terrorism, etc., cause significant damage to your motorcycle. Hence,the Insurance protects your motorcycle against the loss caused by such events. It also pays for the necessary repair costs instantly.

  1. Loss or damage due to natural disasters

Sometimes, our motorcycles bear damage due to natural disasters. This includes earthquakes, floods, lightning, etc. In such situations, you eventually pay a handsome amount for the repair.But if you have2-Wheeler Insurance, you do not face such inconveniences. It covers all expenses incurred due to natural disasters.

  1. Personal Accident Cover

Road accidents are quite common despite our best efforts to stay safe. Hence, buying an online 2-Wheeler Insurance is advisable. It enables you to pay for the repair costs and your medical expenses. You also get optional Personal Accident Insurance for your co-passengers. However, you must pay an additional price to avail of them.

  1. Third-Party Liabilities

Damage caused to the third party and their vehicle usually results in legal implications. Thus, the Insurancecovers the legal liabilities for unintentional damages during accidents.It provides the much-needed financial and legal support in such difficult times.

What are the types?

Just like a fewGeneralInsurance, Motorcycle Insurance also has specific types. They are as follows:

  1. Third-Party Insurance

This online Bike Insurance is a statutory requirement in India. It promotes accountability among bike owners on the road. It covers the insurer against the liabilities caused by their two-wheeler to a third-party and their bike. It also entails physical injury and even death. However, it does not cover any physical damages caused to the insurer or their vehicle.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance

Such Insurance offers broader coveragethat handles the following risks:

  •         Self-ignition or lightning
  •         Natural calamities
  •         Burglary
  •         Terrorist activities
  •         Fire explosion
  •         Damage caused while transiting

What are the advantagesof buying Bike Insurance?

Having Insurance is mandatory in India for a reason. Besides offering protection, it rewards the owner with specific benefits.:

  •         Easy renewal process
  •         Cashless claims
  •         No Claim Bonus
  •         Affordable premiums

Note that these perks vary between insurers. It is best to opt for an efficient one that offers various benefits.

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Laura Scarbrough