Home inspections are as important in selling your home as finding the right agent and staging your home, so it’s gorgeous and grabs eyes.  Whether you’re nervous about issues with your home that you think might be there, or you want to prove that your home was well built and well maintained, it’s vital that you take the time to get a home inspection: here’s why.

What Does a Home Inspection Do?

Home inspections are a service that’s carried out to look through the property and ensure that it’s safe, check how well maintained it is and look for any damage or dangerous details throughout.  This is vital for anyone asking themself, ‘what is my home worth?’ and only costs a couple of hundred dollars for peace of mind. 

These professionals check everything from your insulation to any wood pieces for rot and termites and ensure every part, from HVAC to water, is in great condition.  If they notice anything, these inspectors take detailed notes so that you know what’s wrong and you can possibly fix it.

1- Tells You What to Fix Before Listing Your Home

If you’re unfamiliar with what might be wrong with your property and you want to sell it, getting it inspected before you list it is vital.  This move gives you the chance to repair anything that needs it and ensures you can consider anything you can’t repair when you price your property. 

This helps you get ahead of whatever inspections the buyers will do so that you don’t have to worry about them finding any issues.  Don’t take it personally if they tell you there’s a lot to fix with your property; there are very few homes that are problem-free.

2- Helps You Show Value to Your Buyers

If you’re able to fix and redo anything that’s problematic in your property, you can prove to buyers that your property is worth the price you have it set at.  This means you can sell with far fewer issues or buyers trying to drop the price.

Remember, the more problems with a property, the more the buyers will try to get you to lower the price, even if you’ve already priced it at an adequate point.  Don’t give them anything to nickel and dime you about.

3- It’s Good for the Buyers as Well

Some buyers can’t handle projects or work in repairing or updating a home, so allowing them to be informed means they won’t buy a house they can’t handle.  It also helps with programs like the veterans’ home loan, which ensures a home is as safe as possible and able to protect the life and health of the veteran and their family that’s getting the home loan.

Home Inspections are a Must

Whether you’re considering listing your home for sale, or you already have, and you’re not sure if you’ve priced it correctly, a home inspection is a game-changer.  Although buyers will more than likely get their own, it’s a good idea for you to get one as the seller as well.

Christin Burton