If you have decided to increase your online presence by creating your very own website there will be a few SEO mistakes that you will want to avoid at all costs. These mistakes will not only lead to your website not ranking well, but they could also lead to a decrease in your credibility and your clientele. This is why as much as possible you will want to avoid the following 4 key SEO mistakes.

  1. Not using good Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Every single part of your website can count towards your website’s SEO and yet, many people will ignore every aspect that is not an article or page. This can be a big mistake when it comes to SEO. Most search engines will look at your page titles and meta-description to determine the type of content that you are presenting on your website. By not ensuring that these are optimized you risk losing out on two of the key elements examined by SEO algorithms. This error can easily be fixed, which is one of the reasons why not making sure your page titles and meta-descriptions are informative and interesting can be such a big mistake.

  1. Not backlinking

Many wait for others to backlink their pages to their websites, and while those backlinks may be effective, they are not the only backlinks you should care for. In fact, you should place a lot of attention on having internal backlinks. By having backlinks to internal pages on your website you are encouraging people to click and view more than just the one page that they are on. This can be a great thing for SEO as it will not only encourage further clicks, it will also add to the number of backlinks your pages have.

  1. Not having a good landing page

Often times people forget to create a landing page for their website. A landing page is essentially a key page on your site as it usually has all of the information on your services and it can contain many of the keywords that relate to your page. As such, this is a page that could drive up the traffic on your page. If you want to learn more about how to produce content for your landing page that will be valued highly by SEO click here.

  1. Having texts that are flooded with keywords

Contrary to popular belief while keywords can be important for SEO, they are not the only thing that counts. If you flood your page with keywords but not enough valuable content then you will be much more unlikely to have a page that actual people will enjoy reading. When forming your website always remember that it is not about ranking it is also about value, without valuable content no search engine will choose to promote your page.

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Christin Burton