Expanding your business to the United States can prove to be an extremely lucrative decision if executed strategically. While desired by many businesses, only few can achieve it, fewer yet reaching true success… Why is this the case? One answer is how the intricate and detailed approach of U.S. Customs increases the barrier of entry significantly. Additionally, clearing goods is only one side of the coin. Selling the goods in the US can take a huge effort in terms of logistics, supply chain, and end-to-end deliveries.

Your business deserves the absolute best, which is why partnering with an expert online customs broker can help. With the help of custom Non-Resident Importer program, your business can now cost-effectively compete within the U.S. In fact, a broker’s expertise allows you to include shipping, customs fees, duties, and taxes in the selling price! This endeavor helps your business sell to the average US consumer like a local. 

Here’s how it can be achieved via various platforms and methods:

Selling to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) 

Amazon is a popular choice for consumers around the globe and in the US. If you wish to sell on Amazon, the ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ warehousing option is for you. A customs broker can help not only clear the shipment, but also transfer your goods to storage. All of this is executed right in time for your business to begin reaping the profits of being present on Amazon!

Direct to U.S. Consumer 

Wish to reach out directly to the end-consumer? While selling on eBay or Alibaba is an option, the issue of customs duty persists. Online Customs Brokers have solved this concern by not only shipping the product and clearing customs, but also delivering to the consumer with landed duty paid. This saves your valuable customers from any unexpected extra fees and costs.

Big Box Retailers and Direct Import Suppliers 

If you wish to reach out to as many Americans as possible, big-box retail is the way to go. Usually, gaining access to stores like Walmart, Costco, and Home Depot is a rare occurrence, reserved only for the most in-demand goods out there. While Big-box stores refuse to play ‘importer’, your online broker can assist in shipping the goods and ensuring they reach the retailer’s store safely and securely!

Customs Brokers may be plenty, but only ClearitUSA.com offers the program, logistics, and expertise necessary to make your business goals come true! 

Clare Louise