One of the best types of Hookah that you can buy online now is that of the Stündenglass. It has introduced a new type of Hookah with a gravity infuser, which is one of the most elegant and sophisticated designed Hookah shisha. It has a design that is a 360-degree rotating glass i.e. 360-degree rotatable activation. This activation creates kinetic energy motion activation through flowing water displacement and it has an opposing airflow technology and natural force of gravity. Another best thing that you will know about the Hookah shisha by studenglass is that it is made using high-quality materials, which comprise borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. With the studenglass gravity infuser, you will get a flawless vaping experience, which is smooth and consistent and has vaporous draws.

Design of Studenglass Hookah

The studenglass Hookah is designed in such a manner that it has functional versatility; the gravity infuser Hookah shisha comprises a complete set that includes the following – An aluminum Hookah bowl kit and a glass liner. One of the best things that you will know about the gravity infuser Hookah by studenglass is that it can also connect to any device of smoking or vaporization that is 14mm male joint. The gravity infuser Hookah also includes a 3ft silicone hose, which can be connected for direct draws. It has steady steam of smoke through a 45-degree adjustable mouthpiece. With that, you can get a contactless consumption option is also there.

Extra Stuff with the Hookah

The studenglass Hookah has a patented design, which is backed by an extended 10 –year warranty. Apart from that, the studenglass gravity infuser comes packed in a reusable craft box that has a handle. Through that, you can do safe storage and transportation. The Hookah shisha by studenglass is super durable, with a futuristic design and great functionality. The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is one of the most sui generis kinds of vaporization and smoking device. With this sui generis Hookah shisha, you get a Cleaning Kit, Adapters, Glass Liner, Silicone Hose, Borosilicate Glass Globes, and Metal Device. The other add-on things, that you get with the Studenglass Hookah shisha are – Glass & Aluminum Hookah, Glass Globes, Male-To-Male Hookah Bowl Adapter, Hookah Bowl, Hookah Wand, Coal Tray, 3-Foot Hose, and a Cleaning Kit.

Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Infuse

Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is specially designed in collaboration with Berner and Bay Area Rapper. This gravity infuser is a suave and elegant designed 360 rotating glass Hookah, which generates kinetic energy motion activation through cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology, and the natural force of gravity. Apart from that, the Stündenglass Hookah is fully customizable throughout which is made using the highest quality materials like borosilicate glass globes, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, etc. Designed for functional versatility, the Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is a complete set that includes an aluminum Hookah bowl kit and a glass bowl, but can also connect to any smoking or vaporization device with a 14mm male joint. Included is a 3-foot silicone hose that can be connected for direct draws, though a steady stream of smoke through the 45° adjustable mouthpiece affords the optionality for entirely contactless consumption.

Patented & 10 Year Warranty

The Hookah shisha is a patented design backed by an extended 10-year warranty*, the Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Infuser comes packaged in a reusable craft box with a handle, allowing for safe storage and transportation. Super durable, futuristic in design, and superb in function, the Cookies X Stündenglass Gravity Infuser stands alone at the pinnacle of smoking and vaporization devices. What is in the box? – Metal Device, Borosilicate Glass Globes, Silicone Hose, Bowl, Adapters, and Cleaning Kit. Then, there is a beverage cloche also that is a high-quality smoking cloche to infuse beverages or cocktails with the flavor of rich smoke. These beautiful cloches will turn any drink into a special one that will be remembered. Pair with some flavored wood chips to elevate your drinks to a new level. Attach the silicone hose to the mouthpiece and the other end to the cloche.

Using the Stündenglass to generate smoke, rotate, and push the smoke into the cloche to surround your beverage with flavor and aroma. You will also get different kinds of woodchips of different flavors like apple, oak, pecan, hickory, mesquite, alder, and many more. You can explore this woodchip and customize the flavor of your food and beverages. So, if you ever want to buy Hookah shisha from anywhere, then always choose studenglass gravity infuser Hookah.